Applicator BV

Neverlak and application-company Applicator proof for over 40 years that aerated concrete can be finished in an excellent way with various products from our LITHOX-range, in both interior and exterior applications.

Lithox products have exceptional durability and are easy to clean with a pressure washer. Should the pollution be too persistent, it's possible to obtain a "new" look with 1 coat of Lithox Topcoat.

In Europe, more than 3600 works are carried out with these products.

Interior finishes

Lithox Topcoat

Lithox SB

Exterior finishes

Lithox Filling Paint: fine textured wall paint with quartz flour as filler.

Lithox Quartz Paint: coarse textured wall paint with quartz sand as filler.

Lithox Quartz Technique:

Lithox Topcoat: