Putop PU Premium is a water-borne polyurethane-dispersion based pigmented lacquer for furniture (interior use).
* Gloss: gloss and satin.
* Colours: 6000 collection, Eurotrend, NCS, Pantone (apporox), RAL, sample,...

Suitable as a precoat and finish, particularly for interior building and furniture, for medium load wooden surfaces (furniture, doors, floors, stairs, woodwork, etc.).

Putop PU Premium has excellent adhesion on various wooden surfaces; also suitable for metal and plastics (excluding PP and PE) provided the surface is prepared with a suitable primer.
Putop PU Premium is quick-drying, has good flow and hiding power, is non-yellowing, non-blocking and low on solvents.

After curing (7 days at 25˚C/50% RH) PU Premium is scratch, shock and abrasion resistant and resistant to water and various cleaning products.

Admission toys in accordance with EN 71-3:2012
To ensure better chemical and scratch resistance: finish with Putop PU Clear 2K/PU Clear.


Packaging:        1 and 2,5  ltr. 

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